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🌟Welcome to the World of Osarus Live-Online Auctions🌟

Welcome to a world filled with emotion, passion, and genuine horsepower! Let yourself be enchanted and experience the pulsating heart of La Teste, directly in the comfort of your living room or in the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

Discover the Magic of Horse Auctions

Every second here throbs with anticipation, hope, and adrenaline. With every bid, you feel the heartbeat, the fascination, and the deep connection to these wonderful animals. Emmanuel Viaud and his team bring the unparalleled charm of in-person auctions to life for you - offering you the irresistible chance to dive into this exciting game and auction for your dream horse.

Dive into an Unforgettable Adventure

Immerse yourself in this unforgettable adventure that touches your heart and creates successful, heartwarming, and memorable moments. Let the passion for horses inspire you and become part of our global community that shares the love for these extraordinary beings.

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May it be a successful, heart-touching, and unforgettable ride for each of you! 🌌🐎


Present Your Horse in the Best Light

We warmly invite all sellers to highlight their horses' unique characteristics and full potential through high-quality videos and professional photos at our exclusive Osarus Live-Online Auctions. A compelling video and sharp images serve as a window to your horse's soul and the key to success on our auction platform. They allow buyers worldwide to establish a deep connection with your horse even before placing their bid. We recommend collaborating with professional service providers to ensure your horse is presented in the best possible light. This investment in quality increases buyer interest and trust, ultimately maximizing your horse's value at the auction.

Are you a professional photographer or videographer looking to join our network? Or are you a seller seeking support in presenting your horse?

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Deepen Your Knowledge with Our Network Platform

Seeking more detailed information on auction history or lineage statistics? Our network platform provides comprehensive access to all relevant data surrounding auction houses and their lot listings. Discover the depths of horse racing history, understand the successes of lineages, and make informed decisions based on detailed statistics and analyses. Whether you're participating as a seller or a buyer, our platform supports you with a wealth of information and resources. Dive into the world of horse auctions, enriched by our extensive network, helping you to fully realize the potential of your auction decisions.

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In Just Three Steps to Your Dream Horse,

Discover the simplicity of our established auction system, designed specifically to provide buyers with smooth access to the fascinating world of online horse auctions. Participating in one of our auctions is easier than ever:

  1. Registration: Start by creating your personal account on our platform. A simple process that opens the door to countless auction opportunities.
  2. Discover: Browse our extensive lot list to find your potential dream horse. Utilize our detailed descriptions, videos, and photos to make an informed decision.
  3. Bid: Once registered, the bidding world is open to you. You can bid on the horses that make your heart race with just a few clicks.

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Your Contacts at Osarus

At Osarus, experienced experts can guide you through the entire auction process.

Our team is here to assist you with questions about registration, bidding, or presenting your horse.

Get to know our key members:

  • Emmanuel Viaud, Osarus CEO: Responsible for strategic direction and overall auction management. He is your contact for general inquiries and strategic partnerships.
  • Sophie Fitzpatrick, Osarus Director of Administration: Your central point of contact for administrative matters and coordinating auction operations.
  • Franck Bezier, Osarus Sales Manager and Trotting Expert: He is the right person to contact for specific questions about trotting races and sales strategies.
  • Francoise Leforestier, Osarus Billing: She is your point of contact for all questions regarding payments and billing at Osarus.
  • Cecilia Helber, 3forONE CEO: For questions about using the 3forONE auction platform and technical issues, don't hesitate to contact her.
  • Roman Strobl, Technical Manager for the Online Auction Platform: Your point of contact for technical inquiries and optimization of the auction platform.

Our team is ready to make your experience with Osarus as smooth and successful as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly for further assistance or specific inquiries.

Contact Our Team


    Osarus Managing Director
    📞+33(0)6 74 29 11 58 

    Osarus-Administrative Director
    📞+33(0)6 44 11 78 03 

    Osarus Sales Organisation and Trotting Sales Manager
    📞+33(0)6 87 74 83 47

    📞+33(0)2 61 75 00 26 

    3forONE Managing Director
    📞 +41 7 93 93 58 88 

    3forONE-Online Sale Manager
    📞 +43 650 22 41 724